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Why Are So Many Entrepreneurs Using Print Profits Academy?

From the USA to Canada, the United Kingdom, Austrailia, & Latin America…here is what PPA members are saying…

I’ve signed up the first businesses and the reaction I’ve gotten so far is really awesome…..I like the business model, and I wrapped it around a loyalty card…the bottom line is you can include pretty much any type of local marketing service, and the recurring income of this business model really appealed to me.

Christoph E.

Houston, TX

You can’t really put a price on something like the Print Profits Academy, to be honest…the immeasurable bit is in the lessons you learn about having faith in yourself… overcoming your inner speed bumps… from someone who has stared that beast in the eyes herself and won. There’s a humility in Amber’s teaching that is refreshing and frankly, unheard of.  She gives you the ins and outs of the business. Not from a cold stance of condescension, but from a place of understanding.

Kathryn G.


  Print Profits Academy is the course that has taken me out of the fog & the haze of getting pulled by different products. PPA has given me direct focus to take action and earn an income from home. ..Amber really motivates you to take action and sets out in front of you the exact steps to do so. Chris C.


Module #1: The Secret 6 or 7-figure Loyalty Card Model

  • I’m going to break down this entire highly-lucrative model for you including a real example of a small husband-wife business who is using the loyalty card co-op method to grow their business to 11 cities so far across the USA with the loyalty card being their primary offering.

  • You’re going to be completely set up for success with this model and be ready to begin recruiting members quickly into your co-op with an exciting offer to give them right away.

  • This works with the 9×12 Card, the Coupon Book, the 6-figure Loyalty Card Model OR any additional offline service you’d like to offer: Web Design, Reputation Marketing, SEO, Mobile Marketing, & more!

  • As a bonus you will also get the exact business directory theme I am currently using in my own Think Local business so you can get started on your own Co-Op website quickly. (custom graphics & installation NOT included but I have a great reference for someone who can do this for you if you need help.)

  • The loyalty card means:

    • NO MORE DEADLINES!  You never have to rush to fill ad spaces with this model.

    • Printing costs that are so low that you hardly notice them. (less than $400)

    • No mailing costs.

  • Ability to earn up to 7-figures with this model.

  • Has a HUGE Back-End Profit Model Built Into It.

  • VERY low learning curve to get started.

  • Proven business model.

Module #2: Forming Your Local Community CoOp. NO More Selling. Getting Your Co-Op Set Up For Success

  • You’ll learn how to position yourself as an authority in your local community, replace selling with recruiting to make it easier to secure members into your co-op group, email templates, follow-up call scripts, and more.

  • I’ll take you through the exact recruiting and selling process so you feel confident and excited to recruit your first Co-Op member. This module is all about gaining the skill set and confidence to make your Co-Op sought after in your local community.

  • Membership Recruiting Guide Example.

  • Alternative “No-Sell Method” to get you started FAST.

  • Complete Recruitment Model Including Email and Phone Scripts.

Module #3: Outsourcing + Fearless Prospecting in Just 2 Hours A Day & Productivity Secrets for Your Lifestyle Business. 

  • You’ll get access to my personal productivity planner worksheets to help you get the most out of a time-constrained schedule so you are more productive and happy engaging in the necessary actions required to build a six-figure co-op.

  • You’ll get a daily schedule and actionable steps to work perfectly for those looking to achieve a true work-life balance and stop procrastination.

  • You’ll also place your request for your 100 Custom Leads to start recruiting members into your group.

  • Hiring System if you are looking to build quickly or want to pass off some of the hard work to someone else including:

    • Non-Compete Agreement for Contractors

    • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • This module is all about creating a business around your ideal life so that you are more productive, happier, and produce the best results for your business.  This module will get you motivated to pursue the business model and help you reach your goals quicker.

Module #4 & #5 : Growing and Marketing Your Local Business Co-Operative:

  • In this module you’ll learn how to market your Co-Op in the local community using social media, marketing materials, local events, and more.

  • You’ll also learn about additional profit centers including fundraising, developing a holiday gift guide and event, and how to put together a monthly newsletter for your members and local community so that you become the “Think Local” Authority and Local Community Hero.

  • And you’ll learn how to use PR to quickly spread your message in the local area.

  • Learn how to easily create an online reputation for your local members and use this benefit to help gain new members quickly for your Co-Op.   Local businesses want to have a great reputation online but don’t know where to start!  Add this as one of your many business member benefits and become the local go-to and hero in your community.

  • You’ll also learn about building local reputation for your local members & my recommended plugin to do so.

  • Here are some of the different product offerings (membership benefits) you can offer to your local co-op members to even further enhance your income.

    • Social Media

    • Newsletters

    • Reputation

    • Farmer’s Markets

    • Events

    • Sponsorships

    • Ribbon-Cuttings & Grand-Openings

    • Review Building & Reputation

    • Forming JV Clubs

    • Gaining PR

    • Local Shopping Guide

Module #6 & #7: Postcards & Print Brokering

  • Learn how to add the 9×12 or 11×17 Giant Postcards to your direct mail arsenal for an excellent additional revenue stream every 6-8 weeks or as often as you like!

  • Hybrid Giant Postcard Method that combines the Co-Op Method with a local contest giveaway — all centered around a holiday or major event to get your local name out there, build awareness in the community, and gain traffic to your Co-Op website and campaign.  You’ve already seen a piece of this business model in my free training–but here I will take you more in-depth into this lucrative campaign!

  • Learn how to broker out print services like business cards, flyers, brochures, signage, letterhead, envelopes, mailing lists and more for a great additional income stream or an easy foot-in-the-door strategy.  It doesn’t get any easier than this!

With Print Profits Academy You Are Getting the Full Monty to Help You Create a REAL Business That Generates Income For You Month After Month While Helping Your Local Community Flourish.


Bonus Module for FAST Action-Takers (first 100 Entrepreneurs Only) Creating A Community Coupon Book


  • Take your Co-Op into overdrive with an excellent additional revenue stream–a local community Coupon Book.  Couple this with fundraisers and earn 10k or more with just one publication.

  • The average coupon book profit is around $10k.

  • From getting set-up, to production, marketing, and recruiting (even using social deal sites to get the word out)…this course is a business model unto itself.

  • Course includes 6 Modules

  • Resources:

    • Quick-Start Checklist, Business Planner, & Workbook

    • Order Form & Flyer

    • Lead Tracking Sheet

    • Consignment Agreement

    • Coupon Book Terms & Conditions

    • Coupon Book & Coupon Ad Templates

    • Fundraiser Order Form, Benefits Flyer, Checklist, & Selling Tips

    • Bonus Interview With  A School Fundraising Committee Member To Give You The Ins & Outs of Fundraisers


I have purchased and tried a ton of local, offline marketing courses (shiny objects) over the years. Overall, most didn’t stand the test of time. The bottom line is that it’s tough to gain the trust of local business owners and you need an edge. I finally found that edge and now my business is taking off!

Print Profits Academy is a strategy based on a long-standing proven business model that just plain works. It makes the model easy to understand, easy to implement and very profitable. It positions YOU as the expert without having to be a pesky salesperson.

Amber is very accessible and uses the same strategies in her own business. She over-delivers on everything in the course. Nothing is held back and everything is actionable immediately.

I have found the PPA strategy to be the best way for me to create trustworthy relationships with local business owners.   If you are serious about making a difference in your local community and creating a business with real assets, then use the PPA method as your centerpiece strategy.

Bob L. - California

“Just want to do a quick testimonial of the awesomeness of Amber;s teaching. I ordered her coupon book course several months ago and have not looked back. With the great ideas she have taught I now work with local business and even schools to do fundraising and generate a nice income for me in my local area. I have also learned a lot from the 9×12 teaching with the “daily deal” she teaches in the course. I am now moving to text and mobile marketing in 2015 and even started my own texting business. I plan on hiring sales employees to help implement all of the ideas I continue to learn and will continue to follow Amber in the FB group and in her learning courses.”

Brian D. - Waco, TX

So, where do I began when it comes to Mrs. Amber Chisholm. She is an AMAZING business woman. She is very passionate about helping those that desire to have a successful offline business that you can build from the comfort of your home.
I had the pleasure of working with Amber and learning from her with the Print Profits Academy and I must say it is one of the best and most comprehensive offline turnkey businesses that I ever been a part of.

She gives you INCREDIBLE VALUE for your money and most of all she gives you her time which we all know is priceless. If you have not work with Amber or purchased any of her programs, you are missing out BIG TIME!

Syvella B. - Maryland

Amber’s PPA course has opened my eyes to a sustainable business model that benefits everyone and is built to last. Such an easy sell too!

Steven K. - U.K.